Catching Fire Amazing Tourist Spots of CamSur: Why I am passionate about Stunning Tourist Spots of Camarines Sur?

Huwebes, Abril 19, 2012

Why I am passionate about Stunning Tourist Spots of Camarines Sur?

CamSur WaterSport Complex (Wakeboarding)
        One of my favorite activity is to travel. But i want to make sure that I'm not stranger in my own place when it comes to tourist spots of my own country, especially my own province which is Camarines Sur.I want to explore the beauty of the Philippines and promote it publicly to our foreign friends who wanted to experience the adventure of different places and beautiful spots of CamSur. To explore its scenic beauty and for them to know why CamSur is one of 10th most recommended Tourist destination in the Philippines.As a matter of fact,The top tourist attraction in Camarines Sur which is the forefront in the Province’s tourism is the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) where there are many foreign and local visitors want to experience the excitement of the water-based sports. Camarines Sur is also tagged as the wakeboarding mecca and a center of various water-based sports in the country.

        The province of Camarines Sur is one of prime destination for those urbanizes with a taste for adventures. CamSur, the colloquial name given to this place, reasonably has what it takes to be the recent TOURIST SPOTS. It is the location of the famous CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) and the stunning Caramoan Peninsula, now known as the location for the French version of the reality TV hit show Survivor. And with the local government further improving the province's infrastructure, CamSur might just become the top tourist destination in the Philippines.         
         Aside from wakeboarding, there are many tourist spots in Camarines Sur that you just got to see. Tourist attractions such as the Itbog Falls, La Roca Encantada, Mt. Iriga, Sabang Beach,Patitinan Beach, Atulayan Island, Nato Beach, Caramoan Beach,Baticorao Beach,Lake Bato, Lake Buhi and many other beaches, lakes, springs, falls and other tourist attractions are found in Camarines Sur.


It only takes 2 hours to travel from CWC to Gota Village Resort, one hour drive from CWC going to Nato Port of Sagñay and another one hour boat ride going to Guijalo Port of Caramoan then to Gota.


        The other main tourist attraction is the Gota Village Resort in Caramoan Camarines Sur, which is the leading eco-tourism destination in the world. Camarines Sur Philippines has reached its goal to become as the top tourist destination in the country.
        Very little is known about Caramoan. Isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur, it is no surprise why Philippine's Secret Paradise remains unexploited from commercial tourism.
Caramoan gives 'island hopping' a new meaning. Enjoy its beauty in many ways. Great ocean adventures for kayakers, snorkle and scuba dive to experience the diverse marine life, trek and search for the enigmatic lagoon, rock climb the limestone cliffs, explore the caves or just star gaze at night.

Gota nowadays is one of the reason why Caramoan still on the top of list when it comes to Tourist Attraction, because of its unexploited forest that is perfect for relaxation  and vacation that will surely captivate your senses. No wonder why Reality show SURVIVOR, Gota will  still be their choice.

The reality show Survivor shoot will be the 13th season series after Caramoan’s magnificent setting repeatedly caught the eye of Survivor franchisees from different countries. Among those who filmed in the past Survivor series were Survivor France last March 8 2007, Survivor Israel in  last April, 2009, Survivor Bulgaria  last July 2009, and Survivor Serbia last September 2009 and Survivor Sweden  last July, 2010. And this 2011, Survivor Denmark will shot on their episode this coming May, followed by Survivor Norway in June, 2011, immediately replaced by Survivor Belgium then Survivor India.
Gota Village
The Gota Village Resort is all set for the Survivor USA’s cast and crew. The producers of the show also asked for manpower of the said resort as well as those residents for placement production staff as crew, helpers, drivers, motorboat operators, and housekeepers.
The Caramoan island is closed for tourists this month until the filming ends.  
It is a big help and honor for the Caramoanon to be part of this God's creation that will truly help them abreast the status  of their living and make their place well known in the entire world.

SUMMER VACATION?  GOTA is the answer.......


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  1. tempting ang mga beach. good job!

    Mga Tugon
    1. thanks.i will do my best to keep it updated with regards to tourist spots of camsur, just keep on following my blog.

  2. Hello po, No doubt! sobrang ganda talaga ng Camsur. Sana nga lang makavisit na ako dyan puro kasi sa kwento lang ako ng mga kaibigan ko nakaka rinig about that place. Hindi kaya magsusurf ako sa net about camsur just to see how beautiful that place is. I heard that this place was popular in offering great places for wakeboarding . My friends once watched and experience that sport in your place and he really feels awesome. Hope to be there next year. Big thanks for sharing this. Its really more fun in the Philippines.

  3. Thanx Zumi..i agree to that, so spend your money wisely and save your allowance for you to experience, feel and get amazed by the relaxing beauty of CamSur. i assure you satisfaction guarantee.

  4. this place is heaven! soo beautiful! I really wanna go there ! thanks for posting this! really love it!

    Grantonworld Philippines

  5. hi noel, im planning to visit bicol early next year. i wanted to particularly go to cam sur and albay but i have heaps of questions on how to get to and from these areas.

    how long is the trip from albay to camsur, cos im planning to stay in albay?

    are there car for rent available?

    if i am to stay in cam sur, which is the good plsce to stay?

    these aree only some of my questions, hope i can here back from you.



  6. im sorry mariza for answering your questions sooooo late. i am thinking of not answering it at all but still my superego urges me to answer you though its late beside its only February.

    u didnt state where exactly you are from. From legazpi albay to cam sur specifically in naga city it only takes 3 to 4 hours. affordable hotel naman is everywhere here in the metro naga but just make sure to go here not special day like valentines day coz some hotels are fully booked but you still make a reservation online. there is bus and van terminal right behind sm Naga all the way to legazpi. same in albay and vice versa. i assure you that vacationing cam sur is a great adventure.

  7. Wow you can also try casino and hotels lets try to balance the nature and luxurious life hehe